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For women whose relationship is Separated By Work or FIFO.

You are in a FIFO relationship and you are separated by work, and suddenly all the fun has ended. You realise your relationship is shutting down and what you are doing so far has not worked. You want to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner.

 When you two decided to start your separated by work or FIFO journey, you knew there would be some changes to your time together and you expected you both would have to put a little extra effect in but you also knew it would be worth it. However no matter how prepared you two where for the distance, you didn’t think your relationship would suffer.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re exhausted most of the time, overwhelmed by the endless responsibilities of keeping the household running and playing the role of both parents while your partner is away.
  • You are feeling lost or even angry with your partner’s moodiness and tiredness when home. Next, you know the guilty feeling kicks in because you know he’s tired from working hard, but you just have no idea what to do – you are feeling totally stuck and alone!
  • Fly-in day has become your only highlight and after the highlight fades your relationship feels more like roommates than lovers! You spend more time talking about the kids and things that need fixing around the home, than your relationship.
  • You feel like you have no control over your life because you’re either on hold waiting for him to come home or to go back to work before you can move forward.
  • You find it hard to talk to him about your needs and wants so you shut down and for him, he no longer knows how to fit into the family routine so he is either never home or keeps busy…. when he is home. As a couple, you’re left feeling disconnected and hope the next stint home will be better!

Gorgeous, you’re not alone. FIFO is hard. What you are experiencing are common issues in a FIFO relationship. The constant coming together and leaving create specific challenges in the relationship that is difficult for anyone to manage and the normal way of relationship just won’t work.

The W.I.W Club will help you to:

Stop feeling stressed, stuck or on hold waiting for your partner to go or return so you can live your life and fulfil your dreams.

Feel fabulous, empowered and in love with your life while you learn how to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner.

Communicate your wants and needs powerfully, no more miscommunication or feeling as if you’re not being heard.
Feel empowered with a renewed boost of confidence and discover your sexiest self.

Keep desire and passion alive not just on Fly-in day. Learn how to go from dirty dishes to dirty dancing with a flick of a switch.

This W.I.W Club will give you the tools to:

Strengthen the foundations of your relationship by building on what you already have and then make it unbreakable.

Understand how men and woman communicate and learn powerful relationship tools so that your communication is fantastic from here on in – and you will be pleasantly surprised by where your conversion with take you both!

Rediscover yourself and boosting your confidence, eliminating self-destructive hang-ups, and banishing negative self-talk.

Identify what is making you feel stuck, lost and alone and bring back the pleasure, passion, joy and fun in your life and relationship!

Discover the Art of Intimacy and Romance – a fun mating game you can play as lovers when apart or together. Learn powerful tools which will heighten romantic and sensual experiences with your partner.

Flick the Switch on Sex by learning the playful steps in the love-making process that need to happen long before you hit the sheets.

The Member’s Hub Membership offers thousands of dollars worth of workshops, coaching, templates and printable’s!

You will receive:


Monthly Topic Focus

We’ll focus on common relationship issues with monthly Bundles of Love. All designed to help you stay connected with your partner. Giving your relationship a strong foundation where you can begin enhancing your emotional connection and overcome your relationship distress. Allowing you to delve deeper into the tools and techniques inside the hub as they guide you back to the relationship you want.

Your access to the membership site

A private membership area to access all the material so you can come and find just what you need and keep track of your progress.

      Group Calls

Ask Me Anything, live question and answer to get personalised help with your biggest issues.


With downloadable templates and printable’s that will bring back the cheeky love in your relationship.


Connection to other women who have similar struggles to you in our private Facebook group and access daily support, encouragement and celebrate our successes.

What others have to say…

“My marriage was being neglected and needed to be revived. Not just for my husband but for me! Pam has a way of listening deeply, while gently guiding you through the issues. Now we have a loving connection which is such a fun part of marriage.”

Mother of 3 from Brisbane

“Through working with Pam has definitely helped me to communicate better with my husband. I’ve learned how to ask for what I want directly without beating around the bush!”

From Queensland

Have a Question?

How long do I have to stay for?

You can leave any time you choose. Creating a healthy fun-loving relationship is not an overnight thing. Learning to develop your relationship skills takes time, especially when in a FIFO lifestyle. Stay for as long as you enjoy the support and tools to empower you in having the relationship you want.

Does my partner need to join with me?

We understand being in a FIFO relationship does not always allow you to be together to the work. So No, It is absolutely possible to strengthen your relationship connection on your own. You can greatly alter the mood of your relationship and in doing so will bring you and your partner closer. However, there are times where we recommend you share what you have discovered with your partner.

Do I have to be in a FIFO Relationship to join?

No, as we understand there are times when a couple will stop the FIFO Lifestyle or working away and have to adjust to living together again. You will learn relationship skills that you can support your relationship whether you are together or apart.

Who is the membership for?

Women just like you who want to improve their relationships, the ones with themselves and their partners.

The time isn't right for me, do I have to join now?

No, but the doors will close for this intake so that I can welcome new members together. I’m not sure when I will re-open. I understand we are all busy with extra things going on in our lives, which is why this will lead you in doing what is most relevant. Time keeps ticking, it’s making a start which makes the difference.

So you give refunds?

As this is a membership hub we do not provide refunds, however, you are able to cancel your membership at any time.

Is there a long term commitment or contract?

No, you have full control and are free to cancel your membership at any time. 

Have a Question?

If you have a more personal question or need assistance please contact our support team at

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