Do you want another year of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a relationship that is just surviving being separated by work or FIFO?

If your answer is NO, Then it’s time to take action gorgeous and kick to the curve your separated by work or FIFO struggle and let’s create a plan to ignite your fun-loving spark in your relationship.

I’m guessing you’ve tried creating love letters, care packages and sending sweet texts but try all of these things hasn’t helped your relationship to feel closer, OR you find it all too hard to even start creating these ideas.

But you want to stop feeling stuck in your boring routine, this lifestyle has created and move into a relationship that alive, passionate and playful and still be Separated By Work!!

The reason these fun ideas haven’t given you the outcome you were looking for, is because you first must understand your emotional cycle, from there you can create a love plan that fits your relationship, but YOU MUST TAKE REGULAR ACTION for this to work!

Once you understand your emotional cycle, you can create a love action plan that fits your relationship.


In this workshop

I guide you through creating easy action steps to keep your relationship love tank full.

What Happens In Your Workshop:


 I have broken this workshop into easy bitesize steps so you can take action instantly – The great news is it’s online so that you can stay in the comfort of your home.


 The FIFO Love Emotional Mapping System and Template, understanding your FIFO emotional cycle is the foundation for building a healthier and more intimate relationship while physically apart – learn how to map yours in this workshop so you can immediately start to improve your relationship.


Create a Personalised Love Action Plan that works for you and your relationship – learn nifty tricks that will allow you to keep the communication alive and fun when you are struggling to find things to talk about.


Connection to other women who have similar struggles to you in our private Facebook group and access daily support, encouragement and celebrate our successes.


During our workshop, you will find out exactly what action you need to do and how you can quickly put it into play, so you have the tools to get the sexy back into your relationship no matter if your partner is home or away!

You also get access to me in our closed Facebook group where we share and support each other, so you don’t have to feel alone.

NOT Sure if this is for you…

Who is this workshop for…

This workshop is for women who are in a relationship and are feeling disconnected with their partner. If this is for you, you will be committed to strengthening your connection and creating more fun and love in your life. You are likely feeling lost and frustrated with the way your relationship is going.

Why would you need this…

To stop feeling isolated and alone in your relationship. If FIFO is here to stay but no longer fun, then this workshop will help you harness the FIFO lifestyle to strengthen, not weaken your relationship.

What it will do…

You will feel empowered and in love with your life again, while you learn how to bring back the fun and strengthen the connection with your partner. You will learn how to use FIFO in a way that will support your relationship, keep communication alive and keep your love tank full while apart.

What actually happens…

This online workshop you will learn how to map out and understand your emotional cycle to see the effects FIFO is having on you and your relationship. Learn how to keep the communication alive and fun when you are struggling to find things to talk about. You will learn easy action steps to keep your relationship love tank full. By the end of our time together, you will be able to put these steps into action immediately and remove the distance FIFO is creating. It’s the best way to feel in control with a CLEAR PLAN in making your FIFO journey a fun-loving one.


Workshop Investment


Your workshop starts the minute you click ‘register now!’ and you’ll have immediate and lifetime access to all lessons via The Love Vault – membership portal.

Become An Empowered Lover Today For $37

⇒ Lifetime access to the Love Action Plan Workshop

⇒ PDF Guidebook

⇒ Private Facebook Group

Complete the workshop at your own pace and return to The Love Vault for a refresher at any time.


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